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Lambo Countach 56k warning

This is a discussion on Lambo Countach 56k warning within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; atleast you can read man hahaha...

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    02SS6spd VERT!

    atleast you can read man hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmhvenom View Post
    the thread said his V6 was salvage title, not his SS.
    I know that .. the reason I say his SS is as well .. is because of the pics he posted of his "supposed new SS" because every panel of the front end , nose clip, and hood look to be a totally different shade of that in the rear and mid section of the car .. meaning that it was probably trashed in the front or rear and then repainted.. trying to match front with back

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7camaro7 View Post
    My SS isn't salvaged buddy, and by the way is your pussy hurting or something? I mean really what's with you? I mean maybe you and your buddy may want to piss on someones door handles, but that only shows how smart you are.

    by the way I hope you actually talk more shit than you type, somebody out there will be more than happy to teach your punk ass a lesson...
    I dunno who you are speaking of when you say me and my buddy pissing on door handles haha? wtf are you talking about pissing on door handles .. and hate to be the one to inform you but I dont know anyone on this site personally. As for my "pussy hurting" I dont have a cat so i hope you werent making a derogatory or inflamatory remark insinuating I had the genitals of a female because that would cleeeearly go against the forums rules and have something done about it if things were .. across the board here .. but anywho..

    As for the amount of "shit" that you say I talk or type rather, dont be mad because Im speak of lessons and someone teaching me? little boy I have schooled you in many posts so why do you even try and come back at this point youre still wet behind the ears.

    Last but not least why is it that you dont have pics of your ss up.. with you .. or why havent you changed your avatar .. or anything to get rid of that retched RS you have now thats nothing more than comical
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    ok enough between you two. warnings handed out.
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