inthe gto ,and 3 teens pull behind me . 97gt pulls around then showtime, i pull this car by 10 car lenghs bty 90 at least then pull beside me for a roll at 40. insta nt kill . cool teens . i know a 97gt is slow as hell because i have a 95 gt in my garaage and it doesnt get in a hurry even with 373s, pulleys , exhaust ,blah ,blah, blah,what a difference 10 years makes in gto is sgtock except fpr hurst shifter .i still miss my 01 ws6 6speed ,it got more looks and ran just as strong. its a shame pontiac didnt make this car look better, but it still gets the job done. even though my wife says it still looks like a cavalier on roids and yes my car is the05gto ,i would never own an04 they are the the pigs of gtos .what a waste mty 95 gt gives them hell on any day