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killed two birds

This is a discussion on killed two birds within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; It was a great night, and this is going to be a VERY long read. . . Me and another ...

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    killed two birds

    It was a great night, and this is going to be a VERY long read. . . Me and another guy were sitting in a parking lot when a 97 T/A decided to rip it around the side of us and rev it at us as he left. We chased him down and when I got beside him he kept trying to tell me it was a V6. He took off and I didn't even have time to pull it down into 2nd so I just hammered it, by the time it shifted I had about a car length to make up. I made up the car length and put several more on him. When we pulled over he was telling me and my friend about his buddies LT1 formula that would kill me. . .then my friend left before it got good. The guy showed up!! He asked what I would run in the 1/4 and I said I would hope for low 13s (high DA around here). I'm not kidding, he slapped his buddies arm and said "what are you thinking?" Appairently I wasn't worth his time. After some conversation he realized my car is an auto and I swear. . .he asked his friend what he was thinking again. That did a pretty good job of pissing me off. I followed them out to his house so he could get the formula and we went out and raced three times. It was a 95 formula, headers, cam, and 4.11s. I pulled him pretty hard the first two races, probably about 6 cars. The third race I let him jump cause I was afraid I was hitting it early and it took till the end of 2nd to pull ahead, but I never stopped pulling once I started and I put about 2 cars on him by 110. When it was all said and done they turned out to be pretty cool guys about it all

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    congrats there buddy! KILL!

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    nice i just wish mine was rolling.

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    Sometimes kids like that get cocky, they pay in ego and sometimes in cash. It's your preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kages99 View Post
    I killed two opossums today does this count?
    What, lol!!

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    lt1 snobs....

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