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Killed riced/roached Cavalier

This is a discussion on Killed riced/roached Cavalier within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I have a 1998 camaro SS Vert., moderate mods. I'm on rt. 30 in Lancaster pa coming back from a ...

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    1998 Camaro SS Vert

    Killed riced/roached Cavalier

    I have a 1998 camaro SS Vert., moderate mods. I'm on rt. 30 in Lancaster pa coming back from a walmart run at 11:30pm. I have two of my friends with me (both girls not real into cars) Anyways I' m sitting at a redlight when this late 80's cavalier pulls up next to me. Not even a Z24. The car is packed with people, it's red with some ugly ricer wing, spinner hubcaps, and some trash rice muffler. The guy looks over at me and revs his engine. I look over give them a laugh, and just think this guy isn't even worth my time, I'm not gonna bother. I thought the guy would lay off and just go away. So, the light turns green I don't even try. The guy gets past me and all I can hear is this horrible pissed off bee sound coming from his muffler. I can see them all looking back at me. Thats when I was like this is stupid. I told the girls to hold on, I down shifted to second flew up on his left side looked over laughed at him, gave him a wave goodbye, then left him hear my exhaust for for about 2 seconds and then I couldn't see headlights anymore. I get a kick out of these ricer cars, when will they learn not to mess with muscle. I just feel bad that some people think ugly wings, spinner hubcaps, and horribly loud mufflers add tons of hp.

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    you should add "the girls were so turned on by all the power, that we had a 3 some that night" good kill cuz...i hate rice.

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    lol does anybody else have a problem with eclipses i mean im a v6 and i kick there ass but they just wont leave me alone

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    rice is a good muscle builder. whatever they do it just makes us look better. just remember to shift quickly to 6th to give them a chance and to save gas.

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