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Killed by a new neighbor...and his chihuahua!

This is a discussion on Killed by a new neighbor...and his chihuahua! within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I'd take a M3 over a XLR but the Vette over both....

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    I'd take a M3 over a XLR but the Vette over both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAGGIN View Post
    I'd take a M3 over a XLR but the Vette over both.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zinergy View Post
    In a straight line atleast. You guys need to remember a supercar is not about 1/4mile time and trap speed. How about 60-0 in 95ft like the zr1 can do, 98-02 fbdys were lucky if they got 60-0mph in 120ft. The brakes on the zr1 cost over 10k alone. How about beating the enzo around many well known tracks, the aluminium frame, the pricey suspension and a drivetrain that can be warrentied with 638hp. At 100k the zr1 is a good deal. Just becasue it can run 10s in the 1/4mile with just sticky tires doesnt mean thats what it was desined for.
    Their is a video of top gear racing the lambo mercialargo againt a freakin evo mr, and the mr waxed beat it in track times, the only problem is mitsu has their awd system more refined than lambo, and you wouldnt be able to say it was driver error cause they had a touring f1 supercar champion driving the lambo so the guy knows how to drive.

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    Big Hammer - Why is it you've always got to pop in and nit-pick at anything you can find? Surprised you didn't throw in the ole' "Mustangs suck" in this thread too

    Super - Indeed $100k for the ZR1 would be awesome. But I'd rather be out on the water, chasin' wakes during the warmer days of the year... but hey, different strokes for different folks

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    Let this thread die

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