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Killed a Neon!!!!

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    Killed a Neon!!!!

    In my DD POS Daytona!!!! My little beater, 1990 Dodge Daytona auto 2.5 nonturbo with 103 HP new so it probably has about 80 right now. Mods wise its got the famous iAC Belt mod (haven't had time to replace the idler yet), goes through 1 quart of oil a week, no cat, smells like transmission fluid on the inside (have transported more than a few back there), headlights wont go down, and it is rattle canned flat black primer got its first kill today. It was a 1st gen neon which was in dire need of body work (moreso than my DD), red with unpainted white front and rear bumper covers, aluminum wing in back, chrome hubcaps, and fartpipe.

    Two young girls definately under 18 were driving this monstrosity going down hwy 64. They happened to be in the slow lane and since I had just gotten off work I was rolling trying to hurry up and get home. Well I noticed the driver kept playing catchup going in and out of traffic. She finally got beside me and gave it some gas resembling a feeble rev. I just eased on the pedal. I then hear the exhaust note go up and she is starting to come up past me on the driver side so I nail it seeing how we were past all the traffic now. Greulingly slowly we went from about 55 to about 90. I was about 1.5 ahead of her when I saw her let off which was glad because I didn't want to push it any further. they didn't catch back up and turned off at the next light.

    Must have been a sight 2 clapped out 4 bangers one riced out the other with a rat rod/patina complex racing down highway 64. I know it was pitiful but funny as well. I know where she works as I see that POS all the damn time. i'll get pics of it and post as well as the slayer or "redneck knight rider" as my car is so affectionately named. Bad enough the neon's body was severly beat to hell and back but the fact that it has a ricerboy bumper cover front and rear and a huge wing on back is just too much for me. Funny stuff.

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    LMAO!! Good kill!

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    awesome man. Those races are fun to watch just really really slow, lol.

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    Race of the blenders

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    Sometimes those are the most fun races to have. Two beaters going at it.

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