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Killed a ghetto ricer in the Monte

This is a discussion on Killed a ghetto ricer in the Monte within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Been quite awhile since I've done much of anything in the way of speed aside from passing little old ladies ...

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    Killed a ghetto ricer in the Monte

    Been quite awhile since I've done much of anything in the way of speed aside from passing little old ladies on the highway. No thanks in part to the soccer mom speeding down the wrong side of the road taking my Z28 from me a few months back. (there's an old thread about it in the Camaro forums if you want the story and pics)

    Anyway, since that day I've been borrowing my dad's old 97 Monte Carlo beater while I save money for a new LS1.

    Well, I got voted to be the one to go get food tonight, and was on my way to a local restaurant to pick up our take out order when I hear that ever recognizable weed wacker sound over my radio coming up behind me.

    A few seconds later, around me flies a black, dented, very scratched early 90s Accord, with a rusty (yes, I said rusty) fart can hanging off the back. And I mean literally hanging. It didn't sound right (even for a fart can), and I could see it literally bouncing up and down as he drove. The whole car was just disgusting...even by low-income ricer standards.

    Not long after he passed me, the road widens to four lanes, and my turn was coming up, so I got over. As luck (I suppose) would have it...we got caught by a red light side by side. Now, I've been out of the search and destroy mode for quite awhile, but couldn't help but notice the annoying revving next to me. Upon looking over, I notice a large helping of bird shit...and behind it what appears to be a guy wearing a makeshift Flavor Flav costume from Big Lots driving the clunker. Didn't really mean to, but couldnt help myself...I just busted out laughing. He didn't appreciate that and start spouting off insults (most of which I couldn't understand). And revs his engine again pointing ahead. I figure "what the hell" do a quick cop scan of the surroundings, and give the little V6 a rev.

    Light turns green and we punch it. I actually spun a little! Haha. Anyway, he gets me off the jump, but I keep him to a fender. At about 40 mph I slowly start pulling. By 60 we're window to window. He shuts down at 70 with me ahead by a fender or so, and turns across traffic into Wal-Mart.

    I had almost forgotten the feeling, and the fact that I did it in a car with 154k on the ticker and a whole 160hp made me feel pretty damn good haha..

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    Sorry to hear about you losing your LS1. Prices are great now on them, you should be back in the pilot seat again before long!

    Great story, well written.

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    sorry about ur ls1

    nice story(rusty fart can )
    2001 camaro ss m6 slp options
    slp loud mouth - k&n filter-SLP LID

    WE have to fight off a new breed of ricers

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    That was great Ghetto Ricer.

    Sorry about LS1.

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