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the eagle talon AWD is pretty fast from when they where released but wut people should do and they dont realize it unless there a big Eagle/mitsubishi fan is that eh motor in there is a 4g63 that they put in all the evos, but from what many people said is that you can take the head from the evo and put it on the talon and then put on a 20g turbo or which ever one is from the new evo 8's and they should be really fast, only one ive seen was a guy off this forum who did that but never any specs or times he ran on the 1/4....what part of ohio you from and what kind of firebird you have.
if you are smart you put a 22g turbo on it and send off the heads to be machined. there is a place that makes 330whp with stock boost. those motors are potent, and to make them reliable it requires a rebuild with a balanced crankshaft, also if you do that you raise you rev limiter a little higher. one vid i found on the internet of one of them was an 11000rpm eclipse gst that thing was badass. then again it had 1150cc injectors, ran on 38psi boost and pounded down 920whp. that thing was sick. dsm's can really be made fast. just with bolt-ons and raising the boost to 14psi you can get 300hp out of them