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just took down a supercharged saleen

This is a discussion on just took down a supercharged saleen within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; i was drivin and and i saw a brand new red mustang with white stripes im like o just another ...

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    just took down a supercharged saleen

    i was drivin and and i saw a brand new red mustang with white stripes im like o just another crappy gt but i pull next to it and i see saleen and on the hood scoop it says supercharged so then im like o yea. im 18 so im ready for anything and i see hes got tinted windows and hes a kid prob around my age i get in front of him and give him a lil rev and he jumps up my ass like no tomorrow so now i know its on so we go and we get to a red light and its me and him in front were both like sweet cars blah blah he said he wants to go from a 50 roll im like fuckin yes cause my tires are shot so were at 50 im awating a honk and i just here the supercharger go it sounded so hot btw so im like fuck i punch it in 2nd so hes go the edge on me but im reelin him in slowy. by 80 we were dead even by like 110 i was a half a car ahead we raced a few more times same results deff a fast car and was right there with me. btw i have a 2000 trans am a4 with 3.73's, 3500 stall, pulleys, lid, cut out... anyone know whhat those 05 saleen mustangs run in the quarter and the 0-60

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    nice. those things look good but are heavy. just one question, you say your 18 in the story but you say your 19 on your info, why? lol

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    yes yes WHY WHY WHY???????

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    Those new supercharged Saleen's are way overrated. They look nice, got the "rated" HP numbers, but LS1's still eat them for lunch.

    I hit a black supercharged one when I was just cammed, and left him in the dust twice. Put a bus on him by 130.

    This, and numerous other kills on those I have seen, has me thinking the 05-06 Saleen is just an overpriced GT with a body kit.

    On the other hand, they only have 4lbs of boost from the factory. Push that up to 12lbs, and a set of gears, and it might be a handful.

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    I am not really up on what the saleens have, but I have seen one around town and a few weeks ago we happened by the same way. I caught up to him with my WS6 and two times he just gave me a rev. The third time he actually jumped on it and I walked him bad. I have talked to a few people to make sure it was supercharged but I don't know for sure.

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