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Just don't get it..

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    Just don't get it..

    I just don't get it, I JUST made a parts run..
    As I am turning onto Hardie ST. this gold colored Honda Accord yanks it hard out behind me and closes up tight, tinted windows and lowered but not Yafookinhoo stickers or wings ad nauseum..
    I am in a major hurry as the car is behind schedule now due to getting the wrong parts twice So I am moving, but NOT tryin to race this Honda...
    Car runs up on me as we make the corner onto 7th ST. and by this time I am annoyed by the whole thing. I roll out semi aggressively ( trying to make time) and the Hondatard is right on me, so being the foolish dude that I am, I mash the gas and think " Crawl up my ass now Hondaboy" I catch a bit of sideways action as it kicks down and I scoot up the road towards Lind....
    I have to slow for my turn and then stop due to oncoming, I COULD have made it, but would have been a major jackass move..The Honda of course goes roaring by..BzzzzoooooOOwwwwww...oh yeah baby, fart can.
    I tell the driver he is Number One via hand signs..
    And it's a chick ? Greaaat Thank you ERA movement, now chick's can and are Ricer assholes too.... Joy....
    Sorry for the long post. Just had to vent.
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    hahaaa nice story. One time i had a person in a riced out acura try to race me. They had deep tints. After i spanked them they put down the window and waved >>> it was a chick - i was soooo suprised.

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    S\thats Cool. This One Time Im On The Freeway ....long Story Short , I Had To Jump Out The Ride On Two Brothers.
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