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Intergra in DE

This is a discussion on Intergra in DE within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; So I am driving home from UD the other day after visiting my girlfreind and low and behold a red ...

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    Intergra in DE

    So I am driving home from UD the other day after visiting my girlfreind and low and behold a red integra with a fart cannon on it is on my ass screamin and backfiring all over the place. He had yellow headlights and that made his car twice as fast. I am laughing my ass of at this point and low and behold we hit a red light he pulls up next to me and start reving the hell out of his p.o.s. I roll down my window and say your exhaust sounds fuckin sick! He start talkin shit and i say I did an engine swap in my Z/28 and put a honda CRV motor in it. He was like you just got your ass beat by a 4 cylinder. I was like wtf is this asshole talking about he rode my ass to a redlight and somehow beat me? So he takes off like a bat out of hell when the light turns red you can hear is car backfiring and smoking and shit. I ride out first and second gear and pass him no problem. I stop at 70mph b/c we are on a pretty windy road and the cops are jerkoffs up there. So the game of cat and mouse continues he keeps doin the flybys while i stay doing 50. Revving his engine at me and his black freind starts hanging out the window and screaming and shit by this point i had enough. I dropped it from 5th into second and fuckin left his ass back there again he does a ricer flyby when i let off at 90. I ABSOLUTELY HATE RICERS!!!

    After all this I hop on 495 and another car is on my ass me being polite pull to the right and let him pass then i see its an old iroc with exhaust. We both look at each other and nod then i drop it into 3rd and took him until i let of at 90. It was nice actually having a real car to race. He gave the thumbs up and drove off.

    I am done beating the shit out of my car for awhile I feel bad for her.

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    drive it like ya stole it way to keep those ricer dick wipes in line

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