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integra vs ws6

This is a discussion on integra vs ws6 within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; so i take my friend to walmart to get a video game for his little brother and as im coming ...

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    integra vs ws6

    so i take my friend to walmart to get a video game for his little brother and as im coming home i pull up next to a white integra with a carbon fiber hood, trunk and exhaust as far as i can tell. i was only looking at his car and he gives me a dirty look. the light turns green and i accelerate as i normally do and then i hear his car wind up lol i then punch it and chirp second. by now im ahead a car and a half then i shut down. i had two passengers with me at the time(extra 450 lbs)

    i pull up behind him and and i guess he must be pissed because he burned rubber right behind the car in front of him and rode everones ass all the way to the highway and then tries to pull from me lol

    but he was driving erratically and i decided not to show him up. he was swerving in and out of cars by mere inches

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    Don't waste your gas on 16 second cars.

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