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humorous kills #1

This is a discussion on humorous kills #1 within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; cheap thrills are still thrills, right? heading out of town and come up on a 67 conv mustang with 2 ...

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    Sticks n Stones

    humorous kills #1

    cheap thrills are still thrills, right? heading out of town and come up on a 67 conv mustang with 2 16-17yr old newbs in it. looked like someone took dads (stock) show car out for a spin. they look my 78 z-28 over (mid 13's at time) as we stop at the last light in town. im in the outside lane that ends an 1/8th mile ahead (uphill). the funny man in the pass seat is talkin up a storm to his buddy and pointing to the merge. driver revs it a few times. jeez single exhuast with a glass pack. embarrassing. hmmmmm. been holding 1300 rpm so as not to give away the cam so i just nod at them. funny man starts getting even more fidgity. he musta forgot his ritalin today. i jump the light perfectly (thats MY intersection) and then let off. cause newby is lighting up his single tire......i wait......coasting.....hes finally next to me with funny man whooping-yes i've now heard whooping-and beating the poor dash furiously. wow he really thought we were racing. i match speed then let him pull a fender. 75 feet to go...think funny man is about to wet himself as there heads pull up directly across from my hood scoop--you know that giant sucking sound a 850 cfm holley double pumper makes when it opens? yep! laughing so hard i can barely see i fly by them. the frozen yell on funny mans face looks like the face mask from scary movie 2. now pretty sure he peed himself. i let it rev to 6000rpm in second for good measure then brake. he wont catch up to me. doing 20 in a 55 and he wont come up behind me. wow he must be trying to keep the yellow stain off the white uphosterly.
    hope you all found this as funny as i did. and remember; its not the speed, its what you do with it!!

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    thats pretty good

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    Hillarious. I would have paid to see that.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHHAA god dayum! that was a good story...if every one of your posts is that good, we'll be friends. give us a list of mods and some pix [once you get your 10 posts]

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    WTF, why are ricers driving classic muscle? Good job, big dawg, way to embarrass em.

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    got quite a few funny kills like that. used to work till 10 pm (navy) then wouldnt go home till i raced someone. literally. wasnt that hard oak harbor on whidbey island is a hardcore navy town with alot of classic muscle around. and alot of scared rice! i went home very very seldom without a race. the good old days...
    mods? mild 350, 9.1 compression, last cam was 234 deg, 525 total lift, victor jr, holley 850 double, 1.6 rollers, rhoads lifters, msd/mallory distr, raceflow valves with minor bowl port, 3.42 posi, and a whole bunch of wasted money getting to that combo. (3 intakes, 5 carbs, aprx 20 cams, etc..) man i miss the single life.... it ended up with a nice mild 454 and a 4 speed before being sold. still got the 454 though. got a 70 camaro from my bro-a long time member of and 3rd gen- and will drop it this summer. with a LITTLE warming up. heh heh
    thanks for the replies i will add more stories shortly.
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