This was track day to flog my Bro's two cars while I'm vacationing . As I am by no means a drag racer ( You'll see why ), I'll post here.

I drove a stock 93 T/A twice against an Old School L. ( 351 ci V8 which he said had new heads and cam for him to try out ) . I took him both times by about 3 lengths in the 1/8. Which was fun.

Then I traded cars and got to drive an 03 Z-OH -6 against a new Lightning ( don't ask year as he wasn't around to talk to before I left for home). I was all over him until my own car whipped my ass. Thats a hard car for a virgin to drive , and sure would be a better 1/4 mile car. I knew I had to launch easy which I did and rolled out through first perfectly .I was pulling real good but then I got cocky and slammed second. Holy drift car batman that thing was sideways down the track like a big dog. ( 295 Eagle F1's still are not enough for that car ).Tried to feather the peddle but each time I hit it again same results . Then to top it off 3rd gear didn't show up good for me so I just pushed in the clutch and coasted until I found it . Needless to say I didn't cross the finish line first that time. But I had more fun on that run than the others.

But on a side note even dicking up that bad I still had a slight bit better time than my runs with the T/A . Z06 = badass fun .Thanks for listening.