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    GTO v WS6

    On the way to the office this morning I found myself following a GTO. Sure enough a short while later we caught a light - the street was three lanes wide, but the other two lanes already had cars in them... He was in front, I was directly behind him. I popped the throttle a couple times sitting behind him to let him know I was there.

    The light turns green and he rolls away fast enough that I had the lane to my right open before we were 1/2 way across the intersection. I nailed the gas while still riding in 1st, right into the power band - slightly drifting the rear while changing lanes. He heard me coming...

    By the time I hit 2nd, my rear tires were right in his window - so he caught the chirp in the face. As I passed him, I saw his body jerk as he hammered his skinny pedal as hard as he could.

    I just kept rowing the gears until I'd wound out 4th at which point I looked back and he was easily 3-4 cars behind me, still trying to catch up to me. I got out of the gas and shifted to 6th letting the motor just come to speed at the 115mph mark. Meanwhile, he's still intent on passing me, so he blows by and stays in it until he catches up to the next pack of traffic. I eventually caught up to him a bit down the road to give him the nod of approval - but he wasn't interested and didn't even look my way.

    In any event I didn't have the bottle open and evidentally, it wasn't need anyways! Confirmed kill #2.


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    Good job!

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    05? Either way nice kill

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