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60' sucked. I got some wheel hop & let out a little. It was a 1.99 60. I went around for another run after lowering the setting on my QA1's and fried my clutch. lol. We fixed it at the track and I drove home.
Someone tell me, what a good 60 foot time is, if 1.99 is bad. I must really suck at launching my car.

I use my g-tech ss meter and it says I run 2.5 sec 60 foot, all the time, I get no traction, but I still run a 12 flat to a 12.2 at 123 miles per hour, most of the time. One run It said an 11.97 at 125 mph, is that good. I thought so with street tires.

Does anyone else use the SS meter, how accurate are they?
I ask because the local track I go to is closed for the season. And I really want to know what I run with regular tires, so I can compare to Drag Radials this spring.