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Good night lightning

This is a discussion on Good night lightning within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; This is an old story but i thought about telling yall. I was coming home from work when a very ...

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    Good night lightning

    This is an old story but i thought about telling yall. I was coming home from work when a very clean lightning pulls out in the middle of the highway in front of me and gets up to speed pretty quick. Well, I get over in the fast lane doing ruffly 75 and I end up passing him, maybe he didn't like my Calvin cartoon pissing on a pony sticker on my rear window cause I watch him hit it hard in my rearview. I put her in 3th and I never see him catch up so I slow down and get back in the slow lane with the cruise back on. He comes up beside me and rolls down his window and signals for me to do the same, so I do. I thought he was going to yell obscenities to me but he was just telling me to slow down. I figured he wanted his s/c to help him out. I guesstimated we were probably going 55, a good range for 2nd. He points his finger 3 times and on the 3rd one we both hit it hard at the same time. His truck sounded badass as I left him and his billet grille looked good in my rearview mirror as it got smaller , I was heavy in the revs in 3rd when I backed out and he was at least 3 cars behind. He came up and passed me slowly shooting the piece sign out and went on his way. At the time all I had was a K&N filter, SLP lid, and flowmaster exhaust.

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    It's always nice when you get a thumbs up or wave even if the person gets beat.

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    Nice to show off in front of a Ford.

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    i know this sounds gay but how the hell do i post my own post? i know how to reply but how do i post my own post? plz dont laugh to hard thanks rob

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    I use to have a lightning . Stock to stock the camaro will take it. I did a few things to mine to get it to run with my Z28 in the 1/4 and it ran good but the motor blew up and it only had 4k miles on it. Good kill.

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    Good kill, They aren't fast, well not car fast.

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