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good to be back

This is a discussion on good to be back within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; god... i thought it would never be back online. To many good kills to list. Ill start with one of ...

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    good to be back

    god... i thought it would never be back online. To many good kills to list. Ill start with one of my many ricer encounters that have occured in the last few weeks... well two saturdays ago me and my friend went out cruisin in the t/a. Id just installed my nitrous kit and intake and wanted to see what kind of difference it was gonna make. Couldnt find any action until about 11... Were setting at a stop light and this newer Eclipse pulls up next to me with one of those huge body kits that sticks out a foot in the front. I wasnt gonna waste my energy or gas but my buddy didnt see it that way. The guy had already threw some revs... and had his window down... when my buddy yells "HEY LOOK ITS OCTIMIS PRIME!" (this is one of those moments where ya just want to slap yourself in the forehead for hanging out with these people) so naturally i couldnt back down at this point so i hit the purge vaulve just to scare him a little bit and sent some smoke outta the nostrils on the hood... i gotta admit i didnt think id like it but the guys who put it i for me did a really classy job. To my suprise though he purges too... i wasnt too worried because the car already felt strong, but just the fact he did it was kind of erie. The light went green and we both nailed it. No race at all, and i never even hit the spray, and spun on the launch. I had 5 car lengths on him and let off, he did a ricer fly by and as hes going by me i see a stream of smoke shooting outta his hood... he pulls off to the side so i figured id do my good deed for the week and stoped to see if i could help. He was reluctant to tell me what happend but when he opened the hood it was pretty apparent...antifreeze and oil everywheres... long story short i ended up calling a tow truck for him and doing a nice little take off when i left

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    A++++++ post!

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    Ha, too funny! Good kill.

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