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Fun night out

This is a discussion on Fun night out within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Saturday night we had a few races set up down some of Texas' good 'ole private roads and the ones ...

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    Fun night out

    Saturday night we had a few races set up down some of Texas' good 'ole private roads and the ones that were supposed to want a piece of me failed to show, I don't know why but we still had a few that were interesting to say the least.

    Best run on the night was a V6 5 speed Camaro vs a V6 5 speed Maxima. Nothing that will blow doors off mind you but the guy in the V6 Maxima has a mouth (mind you this whole thing started as him wanting me- Wanting me? You never have me, you'll never.... OK, I'll leave that alone ) So the first run and the Camaro pulls him at the end but the Maxima claims to have missed third. Second run and the Camaro spins bad at the line and the Maxima wins easily, here comes the talking from Mr Maxima So now he wants a piece of the V8 Camaro, that car is an '87 automatic with an L98 350 (driver said so) and the Camaro roasts the tires to heat them up and the Maxima tried to, it was sorta funny. The Camaro had a great launch and tore the Maxima up, ohh it was sweet.....

    Everyone wanted the Camaro vs me so I though OK, since the maxima had been silenced LOL. Too bad the Camaro botched this launch because it was my best, I destryed it but in fairness he did let off after not getting any traction. The second run was better for the Camaro, I still won easily but with T/C left on (you idiot) he actually got a good jump on me, then I could not find 3rd. Bad run for me, but it gets worse... The next time we line up hes going on the third honk, I am going on the 4th, I take T/C off this time and set my G tech timer to see what I can get. Honk. Honk. Honk. . ....... .......Honk!! I was like WTF (there was a chase car behind us honking us off) I felt like it was an eternity between # 3 and 4, pissed me off. Bogged the launch, bad. The 'maro had at least 5 legths and with the bog that opened up to 8. Finally started reeling him in at the top of 2nd closed to about 1.5, then hit third... then hit third!! Shit!! I missed it again, took me 3 tries to get it and then I caught and passed him but honestly I don't know if it was before the quarter. My G tech said a disgusting 14.3 @ 102 ( I have managed a best on it of 12.5 @ 114.4) so this run was sheeeet!!!!

    He was happy to say the least, heck, I was happy for him but I was complaining about the time between the 3rd and 4th honk, mainly because It threw off my concentration. I know, excuses excuses but I told them if it was going to be that long of a time frame to just honk 5 times that way there was an even spacing between the honks so I wasn't thinking 'OK, go, wait no 4th honk yet. . OK, when the hell are they *honk* dammit now!! Go' I swear I was thinking that between those honks LOL!!!

    Oh and the cars that were supposed to race me were:
    a 2000 and something (not sure of the year) eclipse turbo running a 'low 12 quarter' and
    a ford Probe with 335 whp and 445 wtq??? (ran into the guy later and those were his claims, small turbo capable of 20 lbs of boost ( I don't know much about turbos, I am a N/A guy ((for now )) but I was smellin' BS) and then he said 240 lb injectors and my friend was like, wait, how much? Hahaha! Oh if I could have run him...

    Well, maybe not the way I was running tonight........

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    Good stuff man...

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    nice kill

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