Okay for starters i drive a 4.3 Xtreme A4 (X-Cab)

It was saturday night and there was some little car meet thing in pensacola like there always is over by Sams. its basically "the place" to get together and race and is not well very known (which is good). On with the story.

Alright so there is this kid I went to school with who has a V6 auto mustang with a Cobra.R wing on it...FUGLY!! So he comes up to me and says "whats up"..im like "nothin...ive been wanting to race you..wanna go?"..."yes", he replied.

lol...so we get to the interstate and I say okay so were going to go from a 40 roll onto about 75-80 to shut it down. We get going 40 and this dude wants to get EXACTLY aligned up with me so he takes FOREVER...I drop my truck into 2 at 40MPH and honk.....beep..beep..beep. We both floor it and I immediately throw my truck back up into OD so I wouldn't screw up the transmission real bad or possibly over rev my truck. As soon as I floor it im at LEAST 1 car ahead and keep pulling...and pulling...and pulling..until I reach about 1 1/2 BUS LENGTHS!!

It was freaking awesome...then one time i saw him behind me and he went to floor it and go around me so I punched it from OD and freaking left his ass AGAIN!!!

He came up with some excuses later like "i wasnt really paying attention to the three honks" and "you dropped your gear"...all in all it was fun and I got the kill for the night!

Story 2: (if you feel like reading)

me and my buddy were on our way home and this guy with a V6 Mustang with GT logos pulls next to us..my buddy was like "I like your fake GT!!!" and pissed the guy off really bad and the guy was like "ohh yeah whats in that little pussy truck..stupid xtreme...a V6?"...just being a typical dickhead you know...so I was like "rev it!!" and he wouldnt...and after telling him about 3 times to rev it he finally did and OMG...IT WAS A FREAKIN V6!! He was all saying how he didnt want to waste his gas racing me and shit. Then it was funny..I was in the opposite lane trying to slow down so he could catch up to me so we could line up...lol...the dude got on his brakes so he wouldnt get to my window...lol...thats all

sorry for such the long stories!