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First mustang kill on the sreet

This is a discussion on First mustang kill on the sreet within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Well, it all started with me and my girl cruising thru wal-mart last night. I saw what I think was ...

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    First mustang kill on the sreet

    Well, it all started with me and my girl cruising thru wal-mart last night. I saw what I think was an '03 GT backing out of a spot. I threw a rev at him and kept going, suprisingly he caught up and followed me. We finally got thru traffic and found an open straight-a-way. We were doin about 50 thru a 55 zone and I dropped mine into 2nd and I then I heard him drop his down too. His sounded good, ya'll know how stangs with exhaust sound. Anyway. he gets next to me and I waited, I saw his front end jump up and then I nailed it. I pulled about a foot at first and pulled a little more as I whined up, but once I hit 3rd the fat lady sang and it was all over . I was doin only about 85 and had probably 2 cars on him, and he was still tryin. I turned off a little ways down and he flew by me. That was my first mustang kill on the street, I've only got to race them at the track. It made me feel so good. My night could have been ruined though cause the 1st stop sign I came too there was a city cop sittin with his parking lights on.

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    Ha-ha !!!
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    Excellent kill, keep them comin'

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    Good kill, I smoked one a couple of weeks back. Like 2 0r 3 in the morning. I pull up to the 101 and there is only one turn lane. I pull up next to them and they snap their heads to look. (I am in the straight lane.) As soon as they looked I gave them 4 or 5 grand. When the light turned, I pulled out a little and when I was clear, I cut loose the back end, and with these GT's I don't stop smoking them in first. ( I wonder what is going thru their minds when I am burning AND pulling on them.) I use second and third and I am like 6 car lenghts on him when we pop the hill on interstate. As soon as we crest the hill, I see a cop lit up and I immediately get on the brakes. He had someone else and we rolled past. I let the GT get ahead a half mile or less? I am thinking good kill, right? About 4 miles down traffic clears and I am thinking why not again? He seen me coming at a 1/4 mile . We are doing 80. Within a half mile I am doing 130 and he is soooo far back. I back off and when he pulls up next to me, I put it in 4th and snap it a couple, okay a few times. GOT to love the torque. Surprisingly nothing but thumbs up. Again I wonder what goes thru their minds?

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    I haven't got me any newer stang yet.

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