so im on my way home after racing an 81 olds cutlass that was 30 over etc etc. i drove like shit on purpose just to give the kid a chance, hell i didnt even take traction control off,lol.

anyway im some small ass country back rad when out of no where a 6.0 red gto passes me. pissed me the hell off cause he almost hit me. so i tell my friend to climp in the back and turn the happy juice on. well we get to a stop sign and i pull up next to him and ask him if he wants to run. the cocky prick didnt even hesitate to say "lets go" and he agrees to follow. well we come up to a straight stretch and i dont even care about how long it is. my friend counts it down and i annihilate him. i let him catch up and he starts bitchin about the count so my friend says the he will flag. so we line backup and i kill hi from the launch and hell i dont even spary in first and i was putting lengths on him before i even gt to second. he just drove off without saying a word. i hate peple like that, they think they have the baddest car around, especially gto's, i just dont like em' for some reason.