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Easy race killed by awesome COP!!!

This is a discussion on Easy race killed by awesome COP!!! within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Originally Posted by smokenssz I have given alot of people breaks before but if you drive a ricer and I ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokenssz
    I have given alot of people breaks before but if you drive a ricer and I cought you racing than you are getting a ticket
    I wish more cops in Texas were that cool. I had a state trooper in Abilene pull me over for "excessive accleration" after doing a U-turn. The second trooper that stopped told me I needed to "get that noise checked out". I didn't get a ticket, but I didn't feel they pulled me over for anything more than relief of boredom. The only reason I accelerated abnormally, was the really big truck behind me. Oh well.

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    my wife will kill me if i race with her in the car. on sun we were coming home from a party and a turbo 240 kepted messin with me revin, blow off for abought twenty miles. my wife said dont even think abought it!!!! i wanted to waste him so bad it hurt. but it wasnt worth not getin ass that night he he

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    If it had been the my old gsx it would have been different.
    she ran middle 10's in the 1/4.
    here's to cool cops...
    i've ran into a few , god knows we need more of them. Esspecially ones that like Camaros .

    Hey Tony! I hear ya brother. My wife has a shit fit if i even get on it the slightest bit. One night i just HAD to hammer Needless to say it was a quite ride home. Maybe that's what i should do from now on...floor it when i want her to shut it..HA!
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    Im a cop in Philly Pa.
    When I first started 10yrs ago,I worked in a district were they would drag race on the weekends all the time.Front street as every1 knew it.We had a few 1993 or 94s Crown vics with the 5.0ltr H.O. police interceptors still hanging around.I have to say for a big car they were quick and handled great.We would get calls and I would show up and scare every1 away...hehehehe...never wrote any tickets unless you were a dick.When I was working in plain clothes my partner and I would set up and watch the races...Then the marked units would come by,every1 would run except us and some FNG (f'ing new guy)would try to car stop us.....All the good times ended when the highway patrol and traffic cops got together and stop the races one night blocking every1 in and wrote like 300 tickets just for watching and towed a few cars....the racing down here has really come to a stop in Philly....It sucks!!!

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    Great story - and I've never had a police encounter quite that cool. Congrats!

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    I have never gotten a ticket and I was moving around 55 in a 25 because I was late to get home but my boyfriend and his 04 mach 1 is just about to make a revolving account with his lawyer. For the most part cops are pretty cool in Kansas City. My bf and I race each other all the time and have never got caught together. We have also had a cop come up to his car while I was riding with him and say nice car what do you run at the track and let us go with a warning.

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    ha thats awesome

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    Elias Leon
    that's awesome, nice kill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Contra[SS]
    Man, that kind of "getting off the hook" never EVER works here in California. I guess in your guys states the cops are cooler than here. Anal retentive bitches is what we got... damn you guys, DAMN YOU ALL!!!
    I hear ya man... cops hate me here in JERSEY... they've given me a ticket for hardly driving on the center yellow line and in my own town! They also used to sit outside my development and i've been followed to school... i've even been pulled over for, what he only informed me at the end of his rant, as a "loud muffler"..(in my own small town).. and he went on to accuse me of smelling like pot before he told me why he pulled me over. And I was pulled over litterally within 2minutes of me getting out of work. At first he even asked me what i think i did wrong 3 times and every time he got the same answer"i honestly don't know" i guess they just have nothing better to do?

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    i would have gotten beat down and taken to jail lol with my luck

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    my wife likes a good street race as long as it quick and 140 mph stuff.One night we took her car for dinner,i';m driving and a guy with his girlf pull up next to us.its Ls1 with loud exhaust,tires,etc looks and sounds good.1st light on a 6 lane he pulls ahead of me hard and i do nothing ....we both end up next to each other at next light ...i look over and motion to his girlf,he looks over and i motion lets do it.We both look around..some light traffic and no cops around.Light goes green and we both smoke um! let off and get back into it and stayed about even until about 80...wife loved it...even saw her grin when we hit second and tires hollared!She said later "that was neat"

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    i feel for you guys

    this is so funny hearing about your wives and gf's i'll post my kill from a year ago"z-24 kills eclipse"

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