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E55 AMG Wagon/Soccer Mom vs 02 Z28

This is a discussion on E55 AMG Wagon/Soccer Mom vs 02 Z28 within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I live in a new upper/middle class family oriented community where most of the daddys drive AMG's, M's and Porsches, ...

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    E55 AMG Wagon/Soccer Mom vs 02 Z28

    I live in a new upper/middle class family oriented community where most of the daddys drive AMG's, M's and Porsches, while the mommys drive Benz SUVs and Wagons, Hummers, Denali's etc.

    While driving to work, I glided up beside a nice E55 AMG wagon with a young soccer mom type lady at the wheel. (don't worry, no kids in the car) As the light changed we both gently pulled out and proceeded to the next light. The next light changed and we both began to roll forward, her slightly behind because we were turning left, and I had the inside lane. As we started heading straight on the main road, soccer mom decides she wants to run it!

    She nailed it from a 30 roll, and I, using more ego than common sense, followed suit and proceeded to chase. She had a length on me from the start and I tried desperately to make it up. As we approached 70 I thought, "why can't I close this gap?". To make matters worse, the road started slightly turning in her direction! Oh no! Am I being shut down by a soccer mom in a wagon?

    90 showed up on the speedo and we both got out of it. The win light went to her by a length and some change. Drat! I gave her a huge smile and a thumbs up. She was grinning from ear to ear, and I don't blame her. I had to laugh.

    Much to my delight, the light ahead was turning yellow! I had just let out the drag radials to about 20psi yesterday for some test launches. I knew I could get off the line quicker than her. As we anticipated the light dropping, we both began rolling a bit forward, trying to gain any advantage over one another.

    As the light turned, we were both on it like lightning! Man this chick can drive! Perfect reaction time! But my rubber stuck and I lurched out by a half car. As the rpm's rose and the suspension unloaded, my right foot was rudely bucked as the traction control started kicking in. Traction control! Oh @#%!, I forgot the traction control! I reached up and pushed that ASR switch so hard, it went right through the console!

    I didn't lose much ground, we were now neck and neck. "Here comes second gear" I thought to myself, "don't miss it". A perfect shift and I pulled back my half length. "Here comes third, don't miss third or it's over!", I thought. Another perfect shift and I am still holding off soccer mom.

    We were approaching 80 and the redemption gods were smiling upon me! The road started curving in my direction! I now had the inside lane and soccer mom dropped back behind the tail lights. As I rowed into fourth gear, soccer mom dropped out. Redemption was mine!

    The next light came and we were both smiling from ear to ear. I rolled down the window and yelled, "nice wagon!". She laughed and we both went on our way. That was the best race I have ever had.

    Since my Holset turbo kicked the bucket, my car is pretty much stock except for drag radials and some exhaust work. I pulled a 12.85 on a 2.20 short time with street tires a while back in this same configuration, so I should be a tad better than that now with the DR's.

    I knew the E55 was fast, but I didn't realize that the wagon scooted like that. Then I found this.

    Now I'm not a magazine racer, but I'll guess her car is in the 12.5 to 13.0 range. That's one quick grocery getter!

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    HAHAH that was an awesome story!
    one time a buddy of mine were in his GTI, and a dodge magnum pulls up beside at a light. Light turns green and my buddy guns it... all of a sudden the HUGE black WAGON goes flying by us like we arent even there! we pull up to the light and there are 2 guys in the car, they laugh and roll down the back windows (limo tinted) and there were 3 kids in the back seat!!

    my buddy felt a little ashamed haha

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    spark notes?

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    Great story..good kill too!!

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    Sounds like some one had some nice runs.
    Red 99 Trans am A4. STS Turbo, K&N, Thomas Racing chip, Tail waste gate, Slp mass airflow sensor,and TB bypass. Soon to be running 12.4

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    hahaha funny ass story - same thing with me and a bmx x7 or whatever those suv van bmw have that have the 400 + horse, the lady was cute, and she pulled on me, then from a stop i got her

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    Awesome story! Good write-up and kill...

    I always appreciate posts from the literate.

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    should of pulled her over and fucked her for complimentary racing and to polish off your win (if she was hott)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSwt00SS View Post
    should of pulled her over and fucked her for complimentary racing and to polish off your win (if she was hott)...
    count me in

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    i got first dibs.

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