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Crazy Wed night !

This is a discussion on Crazy Wed night ! within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; So its about two in the morning me and my friend are headed home, he is driving, and we are ...

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    Crazy Wed night !

    So its about two in the morning me and my friend are headed home, he is driving, and we are on this frontage road headed to his place. Its about 20* out or so and it just snowed the night before so the roads were really cold and sorta icey. Its a two lane road that narros down to one lane so we are just drivng along when this honda civic blows by us, we start to slow down because there is a hard s curve ahead plus the roads suck so we let this guy go...This guy enters the s curve going maybe 45 the car spins around so the front of the car is facing us slides acrosst the road, hits the curbe the car flyes into the air and flips two and a half times landing on the driver side. We stop and call the cops then we see this girl/the driver clime out of the passenger side window so we roll down our window to see if she is alright, and she says "did you guys call the cops" so we reply back "yes" and then she says "O SHIT" and starts running down the street ! Me and my friend are confused but start laughing anyways lol. So the cops show up and end up finding her a 1/4 mile down the road covered in snow and hurt, I think she tryed to descise herself under the two inches of snow we had on the ground lol. So come to find out she had stolen the car that night haha. It was crazy I wish I had a video camera so I could watch it over and over agin....All in all it was a good night, best kill storie for me so far !!!

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    Damn lol when I read the first part i figured she was drunk, but the whole stolen thing was a twist lol

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    Shoot...I thought you were going to tell me that you raced while the roads were icy... "Did you call the cops? OH SHIT!"

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    that sounds like something that i would die to see:_) then i hiding in 2 inches of snow....thats just asking to get your ass caught:_)

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    haha risked your life to steal a civic haha that is great!

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