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Couple of Harleys

This is a discussion on Couple of Harleys within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; On the way home from work tonight on hwy 64 I managed to come up on a pair of Harleys ...

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    Couple of Harleys

    On the way home from work tonight on hwy 64 I managed to come up on a pair of Harleys (couldn't tell ya the first about model year etc all I know is one had sidebags and a pipe and brake light on each side with a front wheel "fender" with Harley davidson on it the other one had one light in the back with both pipes on the right side with a blueish looking headlight). We all just crused for quite a while when I see another guy on a bike pull out in front of us all and took off kind of fast. This one's tank was a little higher than the other two and front wheel was a bit larger but Had the same single rear light and right side pipes on the right. The other two bikes accelerated a bit to get even with the first guy nodding waving with the hand down thing.

    Well we all pull up next to the light. The two with the side pipes are side by side in one lane I am next to them in the left with the one with the bags behind both of them in the middle. The first two guys were talking for a few seconds when the light turned green. I had a feeling the third guy was going to take off so I left at about half pedal to keep pace and see if he hits it. He then nails it and gets to where his rear wheel is about 10 foot in front of my front bumber (1 bike length maybe?)when I nail it and stays there. 1-2 Shift and I'm inching on him. Paying more attendion to the road and him and not watching the tach I tap the limiter at the top of 2nd before putting it into 3rd. Still inching to where his back wheel is about even with my front wheel. by the top of third he is at the back of my door where I look in my rear view and see the bike with the blueish headlight right there. Shift into 4th and by I guess around 100 I am about a carish to 1.5 ahead of them both when I see the headlight dip on the lead bike and I let out. I slowed down to the speed limit pulled in the right hand lane and just cruise hoping they get beside me so I can thumbs up them. No dice they kept creeping back untill they finally turned off somewhere.

    I know they were cruisers and not crotch rockets but I still expected to get beat especially how they got the hit and I tapped the limiter. Was fun though and the first real run in the GTO. The rest have been nothing even close (couple of 94 ish GT's) or a cop driving a modded 06 GTO that left me.

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    Nice kills. Doesn't matter what model they were (can only tell the general type by your description) since they all share the same motor with minor variances.

    I'm guessing they were newer TC 95ci motors. My I/E/T TC 88ci may run low 13s but only around 100mph.

    My friends LS1 'Vert 4A destroyed me from a roll on the highway.

    A really built 95ci or 103ci would make for a good run though.
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