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COP killa??!??

This is a discussion on COP killa??!?? within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I'm from a small town in tx. cruisen sat. night. I see a white and yellow 300zx vert. w/ body ...

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    Talking COP killa??!??

    I'm from a small town in tx. cruisen sat. night. I see a white and yellow 300zx vert. w/ body kit, sitting at the light in the middle of town heading the opposite direction. So I casually turn around and catch up to him. Line up next to him about 45 mph, 10 mph under speed limit blip the throttle a few times, he obviously wants none, so I hammer on by and continue cruisen. Shortly there after, he proceeds to speed up next to my flash a long rectanglar flip ID, mouths something along the lines "I'm a cop pull over" motioning at the same time. So quickly jump in the turning lane and pull into a car lot I turn around in there, come out and hes sitting on the other side of the highway with his blinker on, there was alot of traffic so he couldnt U, i thought about it for a second then said f this and went the opposite way. I assume he kept driving the same direction. I went straight home which was good because I ran outta gas and me and my gf had to push it the rest the way (100 yards maybe). Car was actually pretty ugly, but looks like someone invested some $$ in it. Anyways, this is the second time I've had some flash me a badge, I think these idiots just buy these things on ebay and use them as an excuse not to race.

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    Maybe you should have waited there and asked him.

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    Where I'm from, the cop woulda probably raced ya, then if he lost he woulda pulled you over, LoL!

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    thats weird dude, kinda creepy that its happened twice

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    I doubt I would pull over for a un marked car unless it was a common unmarked cop car with lights. This girl in Indianapolis pulled over for a car that just had a spotlight and the guys messed with her. Not good. I would wait untill they had a marked car with lights after me. By that time I would have probably lost the other guy though haha.

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    Unless he was a cop and was being a prick as if his badge works off duty too or something. I too live in TX and me and my buddy were pulled over by an off-duty cop (he was a real cop) in his personal pick-up. He waived us down as he pulled up next to us. He told us he couldn't write us a ticket but that he was going to radio for an on-duty cop. We told him he ain't $hit, that he's just another citizen off duty and we drove off and told him to go stick it where the sun don't shine!!!!!

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    next time something like that happens get on your cell phone and call 911 and tell them that some guy is impersonating a police officer and is trying to pull you over then wait and see how long it takes for the cops to show up and pull him over. The town that I live in someone was doin that but they had bought a retired caprice from florida hwy patrol and were getting people to pull over but a buddy of mine also had one of those caprices and the cops pulled him over one night (guns drawn and like 10 cop cars) thinkin it was him and he had to spend alot of time answering questions.

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