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Coming home from school

This is a discussion on Coming home from school within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Ok, so I'm doing 80 on my way home today and I come up on a fox body...don't think anything ...

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    Coming home from school

    Ok, so I'm doing 80 on my way home today and I come up on a fox body...don't think anything about it as I go by, but notice the 5.0 badge on the side, so I slow down to 75, but he didn't want any. So I speed back up to 80 and a few minutes later I see a WRX fly around that 5.0 behind me and move into the lane next to me, but he wouldn't get beside me...he stayed on my right quarter...finally he did ease up next to me but by that time 2 18 wheelers were blocking the lanes ahead and he moved over and exited anyways. Now that I think back on it, I wish I had followed him off b/c I saw that 5.0 exit there also...but that WRX was clean and I whish I had gotten to run him.

    That reminded me of a "wanna be race" a few months ago. I'm going down the highway, tops down, but windows up b/c girlfriend doesn't like her hair blowing around...well I'm doing 75 as usual and we pass this I don't know what, but he floors it...some 4 banger something and passes me. Naturally, I speed up and get next to him, as soon as I do he floors it and leaves me...I look over at my g/f and she smiles, so I punch it and take off. I instantly catch him and I raised my hand out the top and waved as we go buy. What's funny is that my g/f did the same exact thing at the same exact time and we thought it was hillarious. Apparently it pisses ricers off when you do that to them though b/c a few minutes later he goes flying by and takes the next exit. Haha...It was great!

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    i hate that my when im with my girl i have to keep the windows up for her hair when the tops are off. its so ghey

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    i hate you for having a cool girlfriend.

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    seriously, tops off and windows up is my biggest pet peave. It's the gayist crap on earth. I won't let anyone put the windows up when I've got my tops off. Well, if there's an important call and we're on the highway I'll allow it.

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