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Anyone know what a nonturbo Solstice runs in the 1/4?

The 3.8 Camaro/Firebird is a respectable car. 200 horsepower, and as fast as the '85 tuned-port V8 (305) Trans Am was in the 1/4 mile.

Got any mods? There's got to be ton of them out there for that motor, its one of GM's most common. I know the Montes have'm.
From what I just read on SolsticeForum.com they are suppose to be 15.8 in the 1/4. And 0 - 60 in 7.2 Sec.

...also, the 3800 Series II engine is not only in 4th gen F-Bodies, correct. They were originally Buick engines that got revamped. They are also in Monte's as you have said and they were even in Bonneville SSEi's and Grand Prix GTP's (1995 to later years - I know this as fact, since my mother owned a 1998 Bonneville SSEi before I bought my first car, which was a 1998 Grand Prix GTP. Low and behold, they had the same engine, and were both Supercharged. ) Holden's and Oldsmobile's had them too..depending on the car model they were either N/A or SC.