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C5 zo6 or 05 GTO??

This is a discussion on C5 zo6 or 05 GTO?? within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Originally Posted by Street Lethal What does this have to do with ZO6 vs GTO? I mean seriously, every freaking ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Street Lethal
    What does this have to do with ZO6 vs GTO? I mean seriously, every freaking post, sooner or later, winds up talking about EVO's. I for one am getting very tired of it...

    EE1983, yes, EVO's handle incredibly out in the rain, but this begs the question... who in their right state of mind wants to mess around in conditions such as that? I'm not out to "rally" my Trans Am while cruising down Route 9.

    Um well the guy who started the thread drives and crashed is EVO so its pretty much a point of discussion in the thread as well as the GTO/Z06 subject which I think is a null topic now being every single person said Z06.

    Who said anything about messing around in the rain? I didnt

    Im not out rallying my EVO in the rain either, I drive cautious in the rain just because I think its the best thing to do. I do however know what the car can do in the rain because Ive tried it and its very stable and predicatable. The 2005-06 EVOs even have a rain setting for the ACD (Active Center Diff) to help out even more. I dont think anyone is rallying their TA in anything let alone the rain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EE1983
    Your condeming the EVO for being heavy in the front and light in the rear when you just admitted having no tread on the rear tires. Try driving in the rain in your new RWD car with bald tires, see how that goes

    The EVO is far from dangerous, its the most forgiving car Ive driven in regards to its limits and foul weather. Dont blame the car for your failure to properly maintain a vehicle. Any car is dangerous with bald tires.
    Ever heard the phrase "where rubber meets the road???" BALD TIRES WILL GET YOU KILLED in any car, even more so in a sports car.

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    If you plan on racing Vett

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    GTO, a lot less of them on the road and you can find them new for 26,000 if you look hard enough. New > 45,000+ miles which have probably been HARD miles. Oh and you get a back seat

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    Z06 hands down. Faster, way better looking, and much, MUCH better handling.

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