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Bye Bye Lexus!

This is a discussion on Bye Bye Lexus! within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I'm not normally looking for a contest of speed but when you're driving a TA it's hard not to. I'm ...

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    Bye Bye Lexus!

    I'm not normally looking for a contest of speed but when you're driving a TA it's hard not to.

    I'm driving on a major highway close to home, cruising along at 120-130 Km/hr and a fancy looking Lexus coupe SC400 (older) comes right up my rear (where's the respect!). Anyways I figure that they simply want to hang behind me and use me as a speed-trap sheild so I pull aside. They (too young asian guys- not that it matters what race they are!) take off and smile at me as they pass me. I couldn't take it, I hammer down and catch them (fairly easily) at about 180-190km (I give them the "bye- bye" wave - now I'm being the dick, oh well). Just to prove the point I keep on going to about 240Km/hr (150 miles I beleive) and leave them far behind. Now that I've clearly proved my point I throttle down. They come up and pass me and with the respect that the TA deserves they give the thumb's up!

    I know it probably wasn't a fair contest but it was fun putting them in their place (behind me!)

    I'm driving a 99 T/A white A4 vert with black anniversary strips (very well done) with the few minor mods, K&N FIPK, S2 tb, LS6 intake, Maganflow cat-back.

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    You really don't "need" a reason to hammer down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoss 2000 z-28 View Post
    You really don't "need" a reason to hammer down.
    well, there's always a reason to hammer down . . . just sometimes it's very menial. "oh, hey, i had to slow down for that guy to turn," or "hey, i still have all my fingers!" or "you know what makes me smile? THIS does!" and best of all, "there's a tree. floor it! there's another one! FLOOR IT!"
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    Nice Kill. Keep up the good work.

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