Okay, we all have kill stories. How about bust stories? How many times have the local neighborhood popo caught you in the act? How severe did you get it?
I've been caught once myself, the whole situation was a mess.
I'd been cruising around one night with a couple buddies in the car, and suddenly a 90's fox body and a 90's corolla start fsckin around with me, trying to box me in and stop me from going anywhere. They follow me around for about half an hour, and i had determined not to give them any satisfaction at first, but then said 'fsck it' and gunned it into a planned subdivision that was still under construction. I lost them around a couple turns and then after roving around a few bends, saw the corolla wandering around looking for me, i killed my lights, got behind the corolla(and i could see the driver was still looking around), then turned on my brights, pulled beside it, flipped him off, grabbed second and gunned it. Poor little corolla couldn't keep up w/ me, despite me having a 135 hp v6. i was doing at least 90-100 by the time i lost him again, then slowed down and proceeded to exit the subdivision and go back about my business. As i leave i see a police officer coming the other way, not speeding and no lights, but with about 5 cars in a line following him(not traffic, the town is less than 4,000). He passes me, flips a u-turn, hits his lights and stops both me and the corolla, who had just re-appeared a moment to early(idiot would have gotten off if he had waited a minute). Walks up to me and I recognize him as my neighbor. He kind of gets into me a little, but is pretty calm and polite about it, and i explain the situation, then he goes back to the corolla and spends a good half an hour there. Comes back, asks for my licence, registration, insurance info, goes to his car for about 15 minutes(the worst 15 minutes of my life) and comes back, gives me a warning, tells me that next time it happens, i should just pull off the street and park and call somebody. Ticketed the corolla. I never saw the mustang again.

Those 5 cars following the officer had been at the local parking lot/hangout where everybody goes and parks and just talks about random shit at 2 in the morning. This particular officer goes and hangs out sometimes and tells stories. He had been there when the call came out loud over his radio about some street racing, and he took off, and they all followed, eager to watch. I knew them all and they knew me.