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Black Maxima

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    Black Maxima

    So I went to fill up with gas before the next storm moves in today about 10 minutes ago because I waxed the car and didn't exactly want all that hard work to go to waste. Anyway, as im coming back home, I notice when im pulled up to the light at the local target theres this Black Nissan Maxima with all kinds of subtle little visual upgrades and a nice sound system (Really was a nice car for a Maxima) next to me checking out my bird. Well I didn't pay much attention but when the light went green he kinda took off a little bit harder than ur average joe so I knew he was trying to see if I wanted to play. Well he got his answer alright. I dropped the hammer past him and he was after me, blow off valve and all. We stopped at the next light by msome car wash about a 1/4 mile from the previous light, this time I was ready for my holeshot. Light went green, im in 1st overdrive squealing the tires like you wouldn't believe. Popped into second at around 6,500rpm and I had about a car and a half on him. By the time I reached third he was 4-6 cars behind me but still hanging on. I let off at around 85-90mph for my turn and he gave me the thumbs up. Amazing, the first import that hasn't gotten pissed and cussed at me. The car definately wasn't stock for it to have kept up with me on the higher end. Sucks for him to have high horsepower and low torque when your trying to keep up with V8's. lmao

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    nice kill - what are your mods?

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    Nice kill man... was it an older Maxima?

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