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Beat an 03 Saleen

This is a discussion on Beat an 03 Saleen within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; [QUOTE=jad628;1466272] And some Mustang guys spend more time on GM sites than on Ford ones. Wonder why that is? I ...

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    And some Mustang guys spend more time on GM sites than on Ford ones.

    Wonder why that is?

    I like Fords and I spent a good bit of time on TCCOA when I had a T-bird. But in all fairness I am quite surprised by the number of Mustang fans who come here to stir the friggin' pot.

    Of course Saleens can be fast. I remember a Vega in my high school days that could break into the 9's. Just in this particular case, it seems the "Saleen" was a poser, outmatched, genuinely slow, or the post is bogus. All I know for sure is that it's the internet and I'm happy with the entertainment value.
    haha, this is like deja vu. i posted almost the same identical thing on the "its also still fun to kill 6 banger stangs lol" thread and that was the same response i got from 99kobra. i think it's funny when someone will ask why are they on a gm forum and they say for information and the only place you see them post is in the kill stories when a mustang gets slaughtered. after that it's always a cobra this and a cobra that, they always use the '03 '04 cobra as a crutch when a mustang gets beat, and when a t/a or camaro beats a god it's like a mortal sin and whoever mentions it will be sent to an eternal firey damnation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99 Kobra View Post

    Go to and you'll see a lot of GM owners posting.
    I did go there just to confirm, and I went only to observe, I did not and will not post.

    My findings are that while there are GM posters there, they are nowhere as numerous, nor as brash, as Ford posters here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99 Kobra View Post
    Saleens are slow???? Your opinion will change when you run against one that isn't just a Mustang GT with a body kit and some brake/suspension mods. Some Saleen models are supercharged and are quick. Some of you GM guys pop off without knowing what you are talking about.
    My buddy had one and I was not that impressed at all. I mean it was a very nice car don't get me wrong...but for the $$$ no way. Another one of my buddies had a 03 ZO6 that cost like 10k less and it walked all over it.

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    that because you pay for the "saleen" name, and it will run you extra for perf mods. i rather take a stock base car and build it than let some sell out work on it.

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    I was gonna say 30 psi, sounds like he is full of shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by c5z28 View Post
    I was gonna say 30 psi, sounds like he is full of shit.
    Maybe I didnt explain it but bottom line is he thought just because I was a younger then him he can say whatever he wants about his car and assume im just a little punk kid that doesnt know shit about cars. But I do know enough to know what is the difference between a GT and Saleen and the difference between N/A and being blown. Either way he was full of shit before having to open his mouth.
    Moral of the story is not all teens are complete dumbasses.

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