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Another stang story for

This is a discussion on Another stang story for within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I don't want in this argument, but what kind of a person comes on this site if they don't drive ...

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    I don't want in this argument, but what kind of a person comes on this site if they don't drive these type of cars. I doubt that many people who drive f-body cars go to ford sites and start crap.

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    He probably doesn't even own a mach....he's just a douche bag troll. Just ignore his ass z-driver, he's not worth the energy required to type a sentence

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    for the 20th time i like fbodyies...i just hate z driver really......other than that i dont care....whats so hard to believe about owning a mach1 .....?......i know they cost 200k and only celebs can afford them hahahah.......

    anyone with a job... ........the 03 cobra was from the kid that owns the car with the plate 8urpony on it.......hes the stock a4 that says he can beat 03snakes....

    zdrives the one that says a 99snake beat him stock 280rwhp......had to be MODDIFIED TO EVEN STAY WITH HIM......Na snakes get whooped by just makes you think.....a stock a4 ls1 sticks with a barly bolton 99 snake but he smokes mach1s.......

    at least my kills are believable at least........lie or not they make since hahah i mean wtf.......

    go cry z driver goooooo cry

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    and you goose........what a snob lolol

    i cant believe him he doesnt even drive an ls1 and comes onto are site

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    baconmach you have been warned. play nice. or another warning will be placed on you.
    Cold Air Intake, Muffler Delete, Vinci High Performance Dual Valve Springs, Hardened Pushrods, Yella Terra 1.85 Rockers, Some Hydropdipped Stuff, Strut Tower Brace, Some SS Badges, boost/vacuum gauge, fuel pressure gauge

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