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All Your NEON's Are Belong To Us

This is a discussion on All Your NEON's Are Belong To Us within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Originally Posted by nighthawk355x Hey maybe I did get the wrong impression, I admit it. F*ck it man, no hard ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nighthawk355x View Post
    Hey maybe I did get the wrong impression, I admit it. F*ck it man, no hard feelings. If we ever cross paths we'll race for sh*ts and giggles like I said. I can apologize for being harsh to you...but not the other guy...f*ck him.

    Anyway good luck with the Terminator...get a vanity plate for it that says T1000 and see if anyone gets it, that's what I was thinking about doing.
    I was actually thinking about WHINER or WHININ.....but T1000 sounds pretty good prolly gunna change my screen name to the same as hard feelings dude!

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    Wow. Thank god I gave up rading. A whole lot of nothing in this thread.

    If youre gonna argue, make the posts shorter. I almost fell asleep.


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    practice makes perfect.

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    OMG - the shame, the shame!

    Rookies....BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'd go a round with ya, but I don't want to get my pee pee slapped again.'re a funny dude - I'll leave it at that. And yes, FWD does suck for drag racing, and I wouldn't want one. But I'd still like to see one whoop your ass - even Stone's.

    Ya'll have a great evening....and step into chat sometime. I'm headed there now for a short bit.

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