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99 Z28 vs. 00 Z28 M6, Fox GT

This is a discussion on 99 Z28 vs. 00 Z28 M6, Fox GT within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I got two races in this weekend. I ran a stock Fox GT, except for mufflers, from a dig and ...

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    '99 Z28 M6

    99 Z28 vs. 00 Z28 M6, Fox GT

    I got two races in this weekend. I ran a stock Fox GT, except for mufflers, from a dig and left him by a long way. Really just raced him for the hell of it, and I left my boy in the car b/c I knew he was outmatched. I shouldn't have heated the tires up, why waste rubber?

    Raced a stock, except for a magnaflow catback, red 2000 Z28 too. Didn't take him lightly though. Left him by 3 or 4 car lengths first time, then he wanted to race again. This time it was on bad pavement, and he got me out the hole by a half a car length, due to serious traction problems (or bad driving on my part). By the middle of fourth gear I pulled a half a car on him and he shut it down b/c of a car coming in his lane. We raced one more time, this time on good pavement and with room for me to get it to redline in fourth, and I had him about 5 car lengths at 120.

    Some notables who turned chicken this weekend:
    04 yellow GTO (stock) Good color for a chicken, eh?

    New silver CTS-V (stock) He wanted to race, had to take something home and then come back, never saw his ass again (those things are in dire need of a good exhaust)

    03/04 Mach 1 He said it was stock, said to meet him in a half hour, he never showed up

    97 Cobra Fellas, this thing was sweet, had gears, forged bottom end, full exhaust, convertible with roll bar, chrome cobra r's, sounded like he put cams in it too, but he said they were stock, and custom one piece halogen headlights. I get out to talk to the guy, and he has a SHERIFF shirt on, and turns out he was an off-duty deputy. He had DALAWZ on the back of his Cobra. I had just asked him to street race too!! Well, first I asked him if he had a supercharger or nitrous, then I asked him to race me. He didn't want any though, kinda surprised me, that would have been real close, I might have even lost it.
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    '00 Z28

    sounds like you've found a good spot to hang out.

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