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4 Lane Wide Rolling Race--- 98 T/A a4 vs Ls1 WS6 m6 vs LS1 Z28 M6 VS 87 Saleen

This is a discussion on 4 Lane Wide Rolling Race--- 98 T/A a4 vs Ls1 WS6 m6 vs LS1 Z28 M6 VS 87 Saleen within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; 98-02 Z28 m6 MODS -Have no idea. 98-02 Trans Am WS6 Ram Air m6 MODS - He said stock with ...

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    4 Lane Wide Rolling Race--- 98 T/A a4 vs Ls1 WS6 m6 vs LS1 Z28 M6 VS 87 Saleen

    98-02 Z28 m6
    MODS-Have no idea.

    98-02 Trans Am WS6 Ram Air m6
    MODS- He said stock with a cutout but who knows (Cutout didn't sound as if it were opened though....), Driver with 1 passenger.

    87 Mustang Saleen 5-spd
    MODS- No idea, Most likely normal mods and for sure exhaust.

    ME- 98 Trans Am a4 w/ stock 3.23 gears. 71k
    MODS- Ported & polished throttle body, TB bump stop mod, egr valve mod, Ported/polished/de-screened MAF, Stock Lid with the ribs removed and then smoothed up, Home depot smooth bellows, Free ram air mod without front air dam cut yet, Full stock wires/plugs/paper filter, Exhaust cut off after cats and right before the stock y-pipe with full stock cat back still on the car but not connected-check engine light is on...why? its after the o2 sensors... (very loud, kinda sounds like an old truck w/454 and rotted exhaust),

    CONDITIONS- 45-60 degrees outside, Stock tires nearing bald on 16" ws6 wheels, Just cut my exhaust a couple hours before the race, Completely filled gas tank(91 octane), 120ish Lbs of tools in t-top holder area, 180 pound friend in the car, Spare tire and jack still in car, :::Not totally sure but the car didn't seem to feel as strong throughout any part of the powerband as it did before I cut my exhaust although maybe it fealt this way because when getting on it maybe I wasn't focusing on the g's of acceleration as much as how freaking loud it was---Could this be???:::

    First Race- 30mph roll. All 4 cars side by side on a 4 lane highway. 3Honks for the start. I jumped a little early, but the trans took a sec to downshift to 1st so It didn't really matter being as they all had manuals.
    1. My T/A spins up to about 50ish till I hit second.
    2. By 50 the z28's rear bumper is at my door, the WS6's front bumper is about 4 feet past mine. The Mustang was on the opposite side of me so I couldn't see it.
    3. Hitting 75ish the z28 put a car length on me, the ws6's rear bumper is at my front, still not sure whats up with the mustang.
    4. At 90mph the z28 has two car lengths on me and one on the ws6. One car length between my front bumper and the ws6's rear bumper. Didn't want a ticket so I let off.

    Second Race- 30mph roll. ME vs WS6.
    1. No honks, just playing it by ear. At 30mph we took off, I didn't seem to spin as much, I think...
    2. I got the jump and by 45 I have about 3 feet on the ws6.
    3. Nearing 55-60 he is pulling.
    4. Ends at 90 with 3 feet between my front bumper and his back bumper and him still pulling.

    Last Race- 30mph roll. All 4 cars again.
    1. I clicked the shifter into 1st. Everyone was traveling 30mph. 3Honks for the start. Seemed much better not having to wait for the trans to downshift itself. My rearend immediately goes partially sideways spinning like crazy all through first gear. I didn't hear anyone else spinning but then again I couldn't hear much over my basically open headers.
    2. Although I was spinning horribly I did not fall behind a single inch. At the end of first, I threw the shifter in Drive. Once in second, I believe I may still have spun a little. Me and the ws6 were neck but I could tell he was pulling on me. Z28 Is pulling and his rear bumper is at my door. During this race I could actually see the mustang and everyone had put at least 2 car lengths on him by 65ish.
    3. At about 75ish or whatever speed the a4 trans normally shifts to 3rd, the ws6's rear bumper is at my door and he's pulling. The z28 now has a little over a car length on me.
    4. When it was time for the trans to hit 3rd, I hit the limiter and bounced for a second or so (Apparently I only pushed the shifter up to 2nd and not to drive). Once in 3rd, the ws6 now has about a car length between us. The z28 has put 2 maybe 3 car lengths on me. The mustang is too far back to see without me having to turn my head and I didn't feel like doing that.
    5. Both the ws6 and z28 are both still pulling on me till I shut it down around 90ish.

    I got a couple questions for those that can answer:
    A. Being as the Z28 and WS6 were both 6 speeds and lets DETERMINE that both were from year range 98-99, Was this a good race for me?
    B. If the Z28 and WS6 were both the 325hp 01-02-- For me, how well was the ending results in the races?
    C. Could me cutting the exhaust have negatively affected my performance?
    D. I know that I need to reset my ecu in order to determine if the check engine light is going to stay on concerning my exhaust, but why would the light be on considering the fact that I cut the exhaust after the o2 sensors?
    E. Has anyone else ever, (While still retaining stock headers) cut and removed a section on each side of the stock y-pipe so that basically you are running open exhaust other than the cats? Any dyno #'s from this mod? I've never seen or heard of anyone else doing this.

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    sounds like some good racing, those m6s are going to get the jump on you if you dont ave a stall and gears. Idk about your exhaust question, I havent heard of to many people running that set up.

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    For one

    C. Yes it can. cars with fuel injection need a little back pressure unless manually tuned.
    D. Exhaust is flowing too freely. Again you need a small amount of back pressure for the ECU to properly tune the engine.

    Of course I'm remembering this from a crash course I had with a few EFI friends a while back, so if I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.

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