ill try to make this short, sure...

well this guy 35-40 (every one says there so cocky and they are)and a rag top 350z pulls out in front of me, as i coming around this corner. then i start to see him looking at me threw his mirror's. there some traffic in front on him (we are on a 2 lane rd. no room to pass) and he lets the cars in front of him get a little distance then he takes off, i realize this bastard wants a pice, im in 3rd and floor it and bog a lil then slow catch up, he had to slow down for some traffic. i leave a car lenght between us so he can see the front end shoot up when i nail it, then the dude starys waving his finger and shaking his head liek hes scolding me. well im not gonna let him get off easy. he turns up a road and we still have 2 wait for traffic. finley we get our chance. we come to the end ov the road the other cars go stright and he made a left and nailed it i do the same but hes all ready about 5-6 cars up 1st, 2nd went by droping the gap to about 2, put it in 3rd and im on him like a hobo on a ham sandwitch. 3rds gone and put it in 5th because my 4th gear is gone and im still able to pull on him. that road ends and he geting the drift that hes my bitch, he trys teh same thing again, turns left on another rd. and jumps me by 2-3 cars, i go and leave a smoke show as im sliding side ways and pulling him in. he turns off on to his street and looks back at me and was probley thinking to him self dam. well i was thinking i just gave that old dude a driving lesson and an ass wooping.

next kill later on that day.

i get behind a lt1 z28 im dont know the mods (it was loud im sure it had some stuf)but he just bought it i saw it sitting and he had temp tags on it also.
i was going to the track when i got behing him at a stop light we get going and i eather follow him on to the high way or go on my way. (hey im felling good lets go) he sees my get behind him again and i here the a4 down shift and go, i threw it in to 2nd and i pull him in. shift in to 3rd and i have to hit the breaks i gas it and jump the nose up a lil bit and let off to let him know im able to pass him if there was room. well we get on the high way and get going around 55-60 and i put it in 3rd and beep the horn 3 times then we go i got about a 1/2 car jump on the roll and i just keep pulling cant go in to 4th so i went in to 5th and kept the distance.

my car is a 98 z28 m6 with lid and lm2 and free mods not bad for my 1st races of people i dont know.
my next kills are some friends of mike
99 gt
98 gt
95 gt
02 ws6 ill post thoes kills up 2