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2005 Porsche Carrera vs. my 2000 Trans Am

This is a discussion on 2005 Porsche Carrera vs. my 2000 Trans Am within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; So my two neighbors and i go out to carve some corners in the hill country on sunday, (they have ...

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    2005 Porsche Carrera vs. my 2000 Trans Am

    So my two neighbors and i go out to carve some corners in the hill country on sunday, (they have two blue WRX's respectively, one with intake/exhaust and a blow-off valve, one with just cat back) and we are going on this backroad with nothing but intense curves and no room for error on either side...

    They are kicking my ass pretty hard as they effortlessly swing through each turn with their AWD and im praying for straitaways to catch up, when i see a silver Porsche up the road doing the same thing we are...

    They promptly get on his ass and he pushes it more to see if they can hang, and they the guy, coolest porsche owner ive ever met, pulls over and starts talking to them, as i catch up and park with them...

    He then kicks his wife out of his car and lets both of my neighbors take it for a drive with him in the passenger guy i know...

    So after they both go for their test drives he offers me a drive, and i say "no man i dont want to fuck up someone's $80,000 car, i just want to run against it in a straitaway"

    So he says ok and we go down a hill to a deadend turn around and line up, facing uphill.... he says he wants to let his wife count it off so i say ok, hes holding his clutch at about 3 and im about at 1.5 and she counts 1,2,3, go! and we both hook pretty good with him jumping a bit because of his lighter wieght, we are both pretty even by the 1-2 shift and i spin as torque hits, but once i hook second his bumper is at my door, by the top of second his front is about at my back bumper, shift to 3rd and get about halfway thru the gear before i see the cross street coming up and pound the breaks, hes about 1 car back, but i see rough gravel on my side so i hit the brakes hard and the rear breaks loose, sliding toward the curb, but i manage to get it under control and pull over to talk to my other friends about it...

    At this point we'd kept them out for a while and they burned out, but only after he looks my shit over and says "damn look at the rubber on that thing....those vettes and trans ams are no joke" (refurring to my back tires, 315's),

    The guy was a badass and invited us to his resturaunt downtown on saturday, which we are going to to invite him out to our weekly racing outing, best race ive been in yet tho, amazing car....a few pics of the evening

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    Nice good kill

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    nice kill man

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