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2000 Z28 vs. 05 STI

This is a discussion on 2000 Z28 vs. 05 STI within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; here ya go man....

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    Looks like he got ya covered
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tang419
    Free Ram Air, Removing skip shift, by passing the hot water that goes through the TB etc etc[\QUOTE]

    Is there a website that I can go to that tell me all the "free mods" and how to do them?

    I esp want to do the skip shift one 'cause that's a bitch sometimes... I think the light should come on, but it shouldn't FORCE you to shift into 4th unless you want to... But that's just me... and possibly a few other people...
    Dude -ditch the skip shift pronto-I can't stand it.You can do this for free or you can buy the kit thing-all it does is seal up the connectors weather tight so they don't short out from water or grease.You can seal it yourself if you're resourceful-otherwise you just unplug it from the transmission.That's it!It's easy to figure out which one it is when you look at the transmission.OK I wrote all that and then I saw there was a page two!My bad!!
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    it may just be me but i coulda swore i heard word that the 05 or 06has 350 instead of the past 300hp models.........if its not i raced the 300 hp model 80-140 with a mach1 and he was def in the rearview.......309/336rwhp mach1 vs bone stock sti

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    you should do fine - he might jump on you out of the hole but you will pull him right back upp

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