Hi all ... Ok i though u might want to know i like to race.. last night i played with a eclipes from North Carolina, but after the first bump he wanted no more... so i was on my way home bought some tea and then the call came in .. i had a mustang fox body camed with exhaust who Off the bottle wanted to run me.. well sure i went pick up my friend and headed up there.. sure enough he showed up ground pounden sounding Sweeet .. i was like mmmmm ok well sounds awful HEALTHY to me .. but what the hell .. he didnt want to talk either he never got out of his car... and it turned out he was the driver and the owner was in the passenger seat.. so not to mess up my tea LOL we left it in my bud cars and he rode with me so it would be 2 persons per car.. we hit our spot and he wanted to go from a 1 gear roll??? UUhhh ok well i knew he was on street tires so i was not as worried .. we get even around 20 mph .. and roll up to the mark and he hit it first as i hear him start spinning a punch it ..no spin and never looked back till 3rd by 110 he was 8 cars back .. I was not happy with that and asked for another run .. he agreed but said we didn't need to mark it off this time so on the way back to the spot we kicked off again this time in 2nd .. he still spun but not as bad .. when i let off he was about 2 to 2 1/2 cars back .. we went back shook hands and complemented each others cars.. he was amazed my motor was stock and asked if he could bolt some power on and try again i said sure.. but I'm getting headers and a Y .. he said NOOO... wait till we run again to put them on.. I agreed.