Well all im going to tell a few tales of my f-body experiences. So to start off when i still had my chameleon v6 f body with almost no mods other than exhaust and free ram air; i can recall a night on my way home from my gfs house, being forced to stop at the same light i end up at every night at around 1-2am or later i cant recall i pulled up and slightly ahead of this white kia i believe a four door sedan, the light turns green and i ease into taking off bc i like to save gas and was in no rush. So no sooner had i reached the center of the intersection i hear this almost buzzzzz noise but very low and then that white kia rolls past me and they are all looking at me and since i felt like making them look bad i just pressed the pedal and granted they were about 5 or more cars ahead of me but i easily caught up and passed them laughing all the while. Later the road turned into one lane and they flash their high beams before turning. I just thought this was funny considering how easy it was and sad that some older sedan thought they were a ricer or w\e they were attempting.

Anyway now we move ahead to when i got to upgrade earlier this summer to my beautiful blue T\a. So ill just start with today, i left to head down towards my gfs once again and i pull out of my neighborhood and i notice two cars behind me, one some kind of large SUV and the other doesnt matter, however i then notice this suv (later turned out to be a toyota FJ cruiser) speeding up obviously to try to show off to me, but this doesnt phase me as im low on gas anyway. So i wait for the eventual noisy pass as their engine strains to say look at me. With a dull roar but obviously had some power it passes by. I'm guessing at this point its a V8 since it sounded like one but muffled, this guy was sooo busy trying to catch up to me and show off that he didn't notice the RED LIGHT ahead so once he got into the lane i was going to use his brakes squeal and he sliiiiides into the center of the intersection, doesn't bother to back up and is extremely luck no one was coming through, also lucky for him the light turns green and he floors it to try to show off again... later on down the road him still tryin to show off his "sporty suv" i see a white Mazda and this car apparently wants to do the SAME SHIT so it speeds up to me trying to show off or egg me on to do something and they too almost hit the person in front of them at yet another red light. It amazes me how dumb people are, and at this point i turned off to get gas. Also while i was getting gas i hear some tuner FLOOOR it through this large walmart parking lot (not smart as there are MANY cars) and then suddenly hear brakes squealing to a stop but alas no crash . Lol

Alirght now on to my first kill, well this was kinda surprising to me, but im done with work and pull up a two lane light that turns into one road very shortly ( i ALWAYS fight on this bc slow ppl drive on it sometimes) but before i reach it a white very nice looking LT1 vett gets there first, so i pull up in the 2nd lane, i take a look or try to take a look at the driver but his tint is SO dark you cant tell plus the car was low and its nighttime so oh well whomever he was. The light turns green his front end appears to lift up as if hes going for it and i take that cue to punch first and blow past him and he stays close to me as we fly up the road, but im rather happy this was a one lane road as i quickly noticed an usual sight the reflective county police sticker sitting in a driveway? that connects to the road so i just cruise past and once i put it in 5th or 6th and im not going too fast you cant hear my exhaust much at all. So we both ended up going the same way but he turned off first and flashed me twice so i guess it was a "good job" who knows. But in all i thought i didn't have a chance against such a nice looking car.

I dont usually go out looking for a race as id like my car to work, ive watched pinks and other such drag races and what not to notice that one thing seems to happen all the time to these well tuned machines... they all BREAK like magic, i dont quite have the money or patience to do such things so i avoid it, unless im showing a GT mustang what a real car is haha. Which has happened but not a good story. Anyway i just thought id share some of my experiences so far. Not the best but still i find them funny.

There was a story i was told today that has nothing to do with F bodies but is funny. Apparently a WRX ATTEMPTED to show up a Ferrari... well its not hard to imagine how lame that was. heres a vid of a civic attempting the same thing...