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'08 Rogue vs. 2006 325i

This is a discussion on '08 Rogue vs. 2006 325i within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; After going to a 36-0 (at halftime when we left, our team was winning) football game, we left and went ...

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    '08 Rogue vs. 2006 325i

    After going to a 36-0 (at halftime when we left, our team was winning) football game, we left and went to Denny's. After that it was me in the Rogue, one friend in his four door six speed stick 325i, and two others in an Xterra. So we line up twice. I get some wheel hop after an 1800 stalled up start, him letting out quickly at around 2500 (traction control on in mine, front drive for me) he chirps tires with t/c off. We were dead nuts even in both races up to about 50 and i'd consider that a win for the gay/mom 4-cylinder. I was only running 4800 rpm at that point because I forgot to put it in manumatic mode, which takes off in a much lower gear ratio than in drive. My good bimmer friend had this other faggot bimmer friend (2000 inline 6, n/a, standard 5-speed sedan) at the game talking shit. "oh what does that thing top out at 85, i've had my beeemmmmduuuuhhhbllleu, bimmer doushe bag voice, up to 110" Considering my friends is an '06 and he can drive the shit out of his car, that punk ass has no chance. We went drifting a little in his car for a while after. I forgot to turn off traction control too in the race, so it was cutting power during the wheel hop. And yes, I REALLY need to get back in my v8. Carb will be done in a few days, with actual fuel flow through the secondaries. I just thought this was a bad ass kill, in a way. Time to go rice hunting at the school. Cvt is the shit, makes the best of what little it has, 180 horsepower 2.5 liter light baby suv, makes power good down low for a four cylinder and only runs 6100 rpm... I was like this and so was he You couldn't get the shit eating grin off of my face. This sucker launches when you stall it up. Just thought i'd share
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    2008 Nissan Rogue:
    0-60= 9.2 seconds
    1.4 mile= 16.9@83

    2000 BMW 323i
    0-60= 7.2 seconds
    1.4 mile= 15.4@91

    Sounds like you just got lucky, theorhetically he should have beat you by 12+ car lengths, I realize this was on the street and anything can happen, but I'd say he's a terrible driver, his engine is on it's last leg or both. Either way, he went home with a dent in his pride.
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    We only ran to 50, and he weighs a solid 100 pounds more than me, for
    what little that matters. He was pulling on me. I read 8.2 seconds 0-60 for the Nissan. My car was lighter by 70 without us, he weighs 100 more, and I was down just 5 pounds of torque, along with both peaks for me being at a lower rpm. It was just for fun..

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