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02' 6 sp. z28 vs. 00' auto SS

This is a discussion on 02' 6 sp. z28 vs. 00' auto SS within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Ok I want to know what the deal is. I had a 02' 6 speed z28 with a functional SS ...

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    02' 6 sp. z28 vs. 00' auto SS

    Ok I want to know what the deal is. I had a 02' 6 speed z28 with a functional SS hood and full Borla exhaust. I now have recently got a 00' auto SS, which has an SLP airbox, longtube headers, shift kit, is lowered, and also has the full Borla exhaust. I timed each one up to 15 seconds. I took off from a roll at 10mph with the 02' 6 speed and hit perfect shift points. I took off at about 5 mph with the auto SS. They both got to about 120mph. Shouldn't the auto have gotton faster since it has more aftermarket parts on it? Does the auto possibly need a tune?

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    What are the gears in the auto and M6?

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    Not sure whatever the stock is.


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    more aftermarket parts doenst mean a faster car, race a honda with tons of performance parts when you only have exhuast on an fbody, YOU will still win!

    the 02 z28 is faster out of the box then the 00 SS. Plus 1st and 2nd gear on M6s are torque monsters. There was also some changes on the 00 and 01-02 models ls1 also!
    There is a good write up on the difference between the two on ls1tech.

    With those two cars and the setups they have I would always put my money on the Z28.

    side note, for the most part you dont need to tune the comp until you install a cam. The stock program handles bolt ons well!

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    Not to be a jerk.. But the way you are comparing the 2 cars isnt that acurate from what you mentioned above...

    Are you timing it yourself? .. Are you using a Gtech or something? I would take the car to a shop get it dyno'd to get a baseline then have it tuned.. probally cost you a few hundred bucks but worth it..

    I just bought my WS6 M6.. before I bought it I drove an A4 to me it seemed slower..

    you might want to invest in a good stall will make a world of difference

    Just my .02


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    i timed them myself in the same area. What would be the best stall conv.?

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    get a 3000+ stall and tranny cooler...and auto SS's have 3.23's rpo GU5(option for Z28's)....your old M6 had 3.42's rpo GU6. The 02 also has a ls6 manifold, put one on your 00 and it'll pull harder up top...especially with your headers.So get a stall, ls6 manifold and a you'll be a lot faster

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    Thanks a lot guys

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