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This is a discussion on LG MotorSports within the Sponsor Feedback forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; Not to g off on a rant, or complain too much about someone who generally has a good reputation but ...

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    Thumbs down LG MotorSports

    Not to g off on a rant, or complain too much about someone who generally has a good reputation but something has to be said. Back in October I did a cam and head swap. Needless to say the car needed to be tuned. I took it to a local HP shop (LG Motorsports). What a rip-off. $500, which I know is the going rate for a GOOD tune. The car seemed to run fine and they said it was good to go. The sift points weren't even close to being right and when i called to complain they said just bring it down and they;ll take care of it. Great, their staff was very helpfull and accommodating. The tech came back and said that the tune was fine and there was a problem with the transmission. Well I didn't have the money to take it to a tranny shop, so i just lived with it. After I got about 1000 miles on their tune the car started smoking under acceleration and backfiring. So I complained and four days went by without any response from LG. So instead of wasting another $500 on a tune, i decided to purchase EFILive. When i scanned their tune, i had no idea what i was doing, i could tell immediately their transmission settings were wrong. So I changed some up-shift and down-shift points and that problem was fixed (they weren't even close to being correct). Now the backfire and smoke. I didn't know what to look at in EFILive to determine the problem. So i went to the forum and posted the exact tune they loaded into my PCM. Most said it wasn't awful but they wouldn't put it in their car. One of the on-line techs said that the VE table and knock/timing table was way off and with that setting I probably should check plugs, wires, etc. Sure enough replaced the plugs and it fixed the problems. I didn't know how to tune so I left LG's tune in. Well about 800 miles went by and again smoke with backfire. Anyways I took it upon myself to learn how to tune and with the help of a friend on the forum and a wide band 02, the problem has been fixed. Now the car not only runs great, for 1200 miles, it's definitely a lot faster. I look forward to taking it back to LG for a Dyno and see how much better I am at tuning than a company that claims to be pro's. Other than that, I hear they sell great products at a high price. Sorry LG you didn't deliver this time and sorry it took so long, learning how to tune a car takes some time.

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    Not the first time I have heard of issues with them.

    No personal experience myself though.

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    nothing to do with LG, but similar problem as you.

    I have an issue with my tune, but also have software and a wideband. I however don't have time to mess with the tuning and the weather has prevented me from dropping it off for the tune to get squared away.

    I did however make a nitrous tune (pull timing and fatten up AFR) and it put down 469 rwhp unlocked vig converter with 0 KR. Pretty sure there is more in it, but think that I am at my fuel pumps end.
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    RPM in Lewisville, for the win. Final answer.

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