I hate to do this, but I need to caution the rest of the group to be VERY careful when dealing with Brandon Barnett. He operates a salvage activity in Searcy, AR, possibly F-Body Salvage.

I posted a need for a K-Member to fit a 2000 Z/28, LS-1 toward the end of last year. He replied with what he said would fit (I'm still not clear what year it came from) and I bought and received it. Due to workload I wasn't able to attempt the repair until a couple of weeks ago when I found out that the engine mounting holes are completely different than the originals.

I contacted him to tell him that he sent me an incompatible part (three holes, instead of four, mounting in the wrong spot on the crossmember, etc.) and I needed work out how to get the right one. He told me that it would work and that they "have done it for years."

The bottom line is that now, after all this time, I find from GM that he sold me a crossmember from an LT-1 (verified by P/N). He keeps telling me that he can send me mounts, etc. to make it work, but I want the correct part, not some kludge. At this time he won't refund my money or try to find the correct part.

I have since found the correct part locally, more or less, and will be taking delivery next week. It looks like a part I could have purchased new for $400 will wind up costing me $500.

I felt safe in dealing with someone from this group since we all share the same interests, but I have to keep reminding myself that integrity is sometimes left at the door when money is involved.