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what roll cage to buy for the vert?

This is a discussion on what roll cage to buy for the vert? within the Convertible forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I have a 1998 Camaro SS Vert. I'm looking to buy a roll cage for it. I looked into wolf ...

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    1998 Camaro SS Vert

    what roll cage to buy for the vert?

    I have a 1998 Camaro SS Vert. I'm looking to buy a roll cage for it. I looked into wolf race-craft and was wondering what else was out there ? I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks

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    I plan on running the Wolfe bolt-in once I do the cam install. There stuff is top notch. I had there 4 pt. weld in on my old SS vert and loved it.
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    I run a Wolfe 4-pt Bolt-In
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    I have yet to even see one in person in a vert.

    That's whats keeping me from buying anything. I'd like to see clearances and other things with my own eyes before I plunk money down and start hacking the car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Blown Vert View Post
    I run a Wolfe 4-pt Bolt-In
    same here about to install in a month.

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    Why bolt-on instead of weld-in? I wouldn't mind welding mine in as long as its stronger. I don't want to get mine installed if it punches right through the floor pan if I ever roll over...

    thanks for any input guys.

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    Some prefer the bolt. Such as my case. On this particular car I would like the option of easily taking it back out if need be.

    Whether bolt in or weld in, it will still install with a somewhat standard 6" by 6" plate, or what ever size is dictated nowadays per NHRA. The bars should be welded to that plate per NHRA rules. Then you have the option of either bolting in that plate or welding it to the floor pan. In a rollover neither method would punch through the floor, which is why NHRA rules specify the plate to distribute the load.

    Since these are unibody cars that's all that is required per NHRA. If this were a full frame car, the bars would have to go through the floor and attach directly to the frame.

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    mine is bolted and welded.
    it's a Wolfe
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