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SFC's on 02 T/A convertible

This is a discussion on SFC's on 02 T/A convertible within the Convertible forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Getting ready to do the bolt in SFC's and just looking to see if anyone has any tips or things ...

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    SFC's on 02 T/A convertible

    Getting ready to do the bolt in SFC's and just looking to see if anyone has any tips or things to look out for. It's pretty straightforward but whatever anyone has run into doing this would be appreciated. Thanks !

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    Mine were weld-in, so I am no help.
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    Mine are also bolt-in. No problems with install. My BMR SFCs came with new hardware. If yours did not you might want to ensure that the bolts on your lower control arms have enough additional threads to handle the added thickness of where the SFCs go over the control arms. If not, you may want to get slightly longer good quality bolts before you get started. Do one side at a time so that only one side of the rear axle (lower control arm) is disconnected at a time. If you drop both lower control arm bolts at the same time the rear axle can shift and be a pain to get lined back up to get the bolts reinstalled. Gently snug the front and rear bolts but only do the final tighten with a torque wrench with the suspension loaded (i.e. all 4 wheels on the ground and the full weight of the car on the suspension). It can be nearly impossible to get under the car for the final tighten with a torque wrench on the rear lower control arm bolts. I got around this by putting the front two tires up on ramps, then jacking the back of the car up and supporting the rear axle with jack stands so that the car was level front to rear. Same weight loading on the suspension and the car is up in the air where it is easy to work on and I have plenty of room to swing the 1/2 inch torque wrench.
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