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    2000 WS6 Seven Series TA

    Sevan Series + Goat

    Keeping a low mileage 2000 Trans Am Convertible. Modified when new by Steve Evans Pontiac in Dallas. Not as fast as the 428 Goat but still a lot of fun!

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    midnight blue...pewter
    2000 Firehawk 99 Trans am

    Twight rides no doubt! I`m looking to purchase in the next few days a 99 sevan drop top! It is pewter in color... Was wondering if you had any more info on these dealer upgrade ta`s? I`ve seen a few with rims like yours but mine has a different wheel, with the caps saying LG! Steve evans was ahead of his time when they decided to make some suttle upgrades and make a Super TA ! I lived not 5 min or so from the dealership at that time,and have friends looking for R.O. Evans plate frames now! I`m guessing there were not 50 of these beasts around many of those still around? When she rolls off the transport with all 68K i`ll get some pics up!

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